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Imagine a conversation with Leonardo da Vinci; the questions you would ask, the mysteries revealed.  The rebirth of a genius aims at reconstructing the Digital Identityof some of the greatest characters from history. By means of a thorough reconstruction that uses artificial intelligence and holograms, we can bring great personalities of the past back to life, with their physical and emotional characteristics, including the way they thought and spoke. It is a fascinating process that brings together artificial intelligence experts from various disciplines, in order to recreate a virtual character that is equipped with autonomy and the capability of intelligent interaction.
The rebirth of a genius foresees the realisation of cross-media documentaries about the greatest personalities of all times: Leonardo, Shakespeare, Christopher Columbus, Cleopatra, Socrates, Joan of Arc, Einstein….

Genius Rebirth TV Series will be presented at Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle (France)

The rebirth of a genius – Leonardo Da Vinci – pilot episode

Western culture has always been afflicted by a fascination with immortality. Greek the myths that come face to face with the desire for eternal life are numerous. With the coming of Christianity it was the soul that became immortal and then, for a few centuries, the quest forimmortality faded away. Then, in the 19th Century, Frankenstein by Mary Shelleyrevived the dream by giving life to inanimate material: immortality and creation meet, suggesting that one day technology will bring us closer to immortality.

This film tells the astonishing journey to the recreation of the lifelike hologram of Leonardo Da Vinci, which incorporatesautonomous intelligence and \ the wealth of experience of one of the greatest geniuses in history. Thanks to the work of linguists, art historians, behavioural psychologists, neuroscientists, postural doctors, artificial intelligence and artificial empathy experts, and artificial intelligence programmers, Leonardo re-emerges and is ready to answer our questions and reveal the mysteries that made up his character.

In the film, after studying in detail the composition of his identity, the hologram appears, moving and speaking to us as if in flesh and bone  He takes us to visit the Louvre museum to discover the secrets of the Gioconda, tells us about Florence in 1500 from Piazza della Signoria, reveals the mysteries of flying machines and gives us his opinion on the environmental problems of the 21st century.

It is a journey inside one of the most complex and mysterious minds of all times, a succession of unexpected discoveries and exciting studies that coalesce to create the final revelation: Leonardo Da Vinci,  his voice, his movements, his emotions and personality.

Cross-platform elements

The project foresees a cross-media approach based on using the hologram in various contexts: from the live event (the presence in a museum or at a talk show) to the creation of an application or website in which one can interact with the character for entertainment or educational use. Leonardo can be a guest in television talk-shows or hold conferences, be constantly present in a museum (at the Louvre or at the Uffizi), appearing in multiple venues, providing different answers to different questions at the same time.

Credit: illustration by Schnaars

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