Recent Events: Where We Structure The Project

In 2011 Giorgio and Fabrizio were given the opportunity to experiment with their original idea when asked to develop an interactive Dante Alighieri.
Dante 3D project wanted to recreate the persona and thoughts of Dante Alighieri in the form of an interactive 3D projection that would be exhibited at the Salone Internazionale del Libro in Turin.
The results were very well received: Dante was not only capable of interacting with the audience and answering questions regarding his life and opus, but he was likewise capable of discussing recent events and technologies; expressing himself in tercets.

The results obtained prompted them to stretch the potential of available technology and imagine an entirely innovative set of products around which the FOREVER Identity project was born.

Shortly after the team expanded to include Marinella and Tamara: two people that could support them in the creation of a business plan, marketing and commercial strategies and in fundraising.

In february 2012, FOREVER Identity secured a seed financing from Innovation Factory, Area Science Park’s first mile incubator. IF provided FOREVER Identity with seed funding in order to develop the demo for investors and structure patent strategy and corporate identity.