International Space Medicine Consortium (ISMC)


The ISMC mission is to conduct or facilitate the research and development of processes, techniques, training, simulation models and equipment to innovate medical technologies and enhance expertise that will promote and sustain human life in space and extreme environments on Earth, with clear knowledge transfer for the benefit of society.

Adapting and promoting the cross-fertilization of knowledge and ideas in a two-way exchange between space industry and terrestrial sectors through spin-offs and spin-ins, resulting in improvements to terrestrial and extra-terrestrial quality-of-life.

Being an active leading member of the Space Medicine community with emphasis on manned-space missions and space tourism.

Conducting independent and joint-funded Space Medicine Research and Development Projects, generating a portfolio of intellectual property, leading to patent commercialization.

Developing a state-of-the-art interactive, multi-sensorial and emotional 3-D virtual physician for telemedicine application, psychological support and crew training during space travel.

Addressing the development and deployment of new medical solutions for current and future Low-Earth-Orbit and interplanetary missions through the utilization and integration of disruptive technologies, innovations and concepts.