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Fabrizio Gramuglio


Fabrizio Gramuglio is a true visionary in innovative, leading edge technologies and has earned the respect and admiration of colleagues as a pioneer in voice interaction between man and machines.
He is a successful entrepreneur and has founded several start-ups. He has solid experience in project management and as a Senior IT Manager.
His expertise is in the area of dialog, emotional and environment management applications and human/machine interactions.
His major clients include Microsoft, Volvo, Wϋrth Phoenix, and FIAT Lancia. He is a thought leader in his field, has been asked to lead International Congresses, and appears in numerous articles, interviews and publications.
His duties include being the global spokesperson for FOREVER Identity, making sure it is recognized internationally as a technology leader, and providing creative, technical and managerial expertise. He has put a strong management team in place to take FOREVER Identity to the next level.