Living and Working on Mars

Listen to Planetary Society’s episode “LIVING AND WORKING ON MARS” with Dr. Susan Jewell, Founder International Space Surgery Consortium, Mars Without Borders, and Executive and Medical Officer for Mars UK Crew – Analogue Astronauts, who joins a lively team of guests. Dr Jewell talks about her work in pioneering space telesurgery-teleanesthesia and the future of innovative integrating EEG technologies (eMotive, Neuroelectric) and 3D holographic avatars with AI / AE (artificial empathy) (FOREVER Identity) for deep space exploration.

Arificial Intelligence and Artificial Empathy

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Planetary Radio visits the 33rd ISDC to talk with three explorers who’ve set their sights on the Red Planet: MD and space medicine researcher Susan Jewell, Meteorite Man Geoff Notkin, and Mars Program Formulation Office Manager at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Charles Whetsel.

Medical Triage Protocol

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