International Space Medicine Consortium Website Online

The new website of International Space Medicine Consortium is online.

We are very please to be part of these futuristic and incoming scenario: from tele-anesthesia to space analog and extreme environments management.

ISMC will research, develop and test new novel innovations/concepts and integrate cutting-edge technologies to improve state-of-the-art platforms and training protocols for a new sub-discipline of psychology, ie, ASTRO-PSYCHOLOGY, which will specifically address the challenges of astronaut crew mental wellness and well-being during deep space missions.

ISMC will collaborate and partner with innovative organizations, such as, FOREVER IDENTITY to develop and create new methodologies and proprietary IP platforms, software apps, and products to transform the current ” mental health landscape” for training astronaut crews, professional healthcare providers including educational, medical, and academic communities.









ISMC is collaborating with FOREVER IDENTITY 3D VIRTUAL AVATARS to develop the “Virtual Spiritual Assistant” and the “Virtual Yoga Teacher”. The aims are to develop Avatars incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and artificial empathy (AE). These Avatars will have multiple capabilities to interact with the astroanut crew in a pre-programmed “Holodeck” room and /or environment inside the spacecraft or on a Lunar /Mars base station. The current project will test the “prototype Avatars during an upcoming Mars analog simulation.

ISMC will collaborate and develop partnerships with professionals from academia, government, commercial and non-profits entities, for example, FOREVER Identity 3D Holographic Avatars, Dept Neuroscience, Stanford University*; UTMB, Department of Behavioral Sciences; eMotiv; Neuroelectric; Oculus Rift*, OpenBCI*, Mars Society, Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), UCLA Mindful Research Center (MARC)*, Baylor College Medicine (BCM)*, Burke /Weill Cornell Medical Center*

Full article available at ISMC website

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