Memory preservation

Memory preservation product was created for all those who wish to have a single place to store, in digital form, their memories, or their loved ones memories.
Pictures, videos, voices, sounds and texts can be stored and cataloged using different selection criteria: starting from the time criterion to those that diversify the type of content.
An innovative user-friendly interface will facilitate the adoption, also for users with less “technology” skills.

Level of Intimacy

An integrated social structure allows interaction with the environment by different types of users, providing them with the appropriate vision with respect to the level of intimacy with memories owner.

Visitors will enrich the space with their contributions.
A number of additional features complete the product: from content populating online, to family tree construction tools.

Memories Space

But what is the Memories area and what differentiates it from a simple information container?
One single memory is a “piece of knowledge” capable of arousing emotions. This element could assume various forms: portraits, landscapes, video, audio, letters, aphorisms, songs, movie titles or more. The unique features from usual memory containers are the navigation methods.
When people thinking about the “facts of life” rarely think ordering events by date, date is only an attribute.
Memories Space wants to replicate this kind of experiential enjoyment: cataloging, searching and browsing facts of life” following the thin threads of emotions and passions.
Give the opportunity to easily find the joy of a sunset, a special dinner or exaltation for a goal, starting from the felt emotion and not from the date when it happened. Or, even, find all the sunsets, dinners and goals or all loves.

User doesn’t need to be a “super technical” or mega internet savvy, the owner of the space will be provided with the easy to use tools, web tools and mobile apps for the more experienced user; but also the ability to register the memories and including material delivered to officer cataloging, or having a true biographer on your side.