Interactive kiosk

Beyond the concept of digital signage, interactive kiosks allow you to convey the information by interacting with users. The content will then be shown the result of what was communicated explicitly by the user (touching the screen) and implicitly (through the camera).
The solution is able to detect the users expressions in front of the screen, to understand the behavioral predisposition (attention, lack of interest, surprise, etc.), and combining information with other kind of data (gender, age range, etc. .. ) to decide the output to show / demonstrate.
Solution suitable for the presentation and demonstration of products in malls, outlets, warehouses, exhibitions and congresses.
The totem could be further equipped with: emitting tickets, barcode readers, printers, and more.
Based on:

  • Decision engine + Emotional Management
  • Touch-based interaction and camera
  • Projection element: totem touchscreen