Foundation Identity

Foundation Identity allows creation of Virtual Artist as 3D Hologram reproducing physical traits, personality, story, behaviors, and artist memories and life.
Virtual Artist is able to talk about his own work, his life, and will answer to all audience question, thanks to a deep and thorough study of specialists in different fields (linguistic, physiologist, historians, etc.).

The interaction will be dynamic and accompanied by all the possible emotions with body and facial simulation, more faithful to the original.
The representation of the historical person, can be presented using a 3D hologram, an interactive painting, or other top-of-the-edge technologies by your Scientific Committee choice.

Increasing your museum effectiveness

Foundation Identity is your key to increase your museum effectiveness and performance. With FI product you will:

  • Increase profits
  • Differentiate your offerings
  • Establish closer relations with the community
  • Solicit support from private operators.


Today the need for an effective communication to transmit culture to visitors is important.
Museums must be open to new technologies huge potential in order to expose them and to communicate to customers with appropriate and intelligent use
The use of New Media as “Foundation Identity” museum’s communication strategy/channels will enhance relationship between you and your guests, and the perception of the environment portraits becomes PRIMARY.

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