Foundation Identity product features

Foundation Identity is an interactive digital recreation of historical figures for museums, schools and universities, foundations, historical societies, and media networks. Museum visitors or students can ask questions about aspects of the historical figure’s life, philosophies, accomplishments, and even pose modern day questions (e.g., questions about football, Facebook, etc.) and the historical figure will provide responses.
Our FI product features include:

  • Circum (alias interaction with environment): FI is able to understand questions by voice and by text, and recognize user positions and main gestures.
  • Corpus (alias physical representation); FI is a 3D hologram or other 3D presentation layer, full body. He is able to react, in real-time, to stimulus (questions, gestures, etc., from Corpus) with movements, facial expressions and posture.
  • Loquor (alias voice and dialog features): FI’s voice will be a standard TTS, which includes emotional features. Jargon and ontologies will be derived from artist Opus and he will have a discussion engine.
  • Indoles (alias emotional behaviors): FI has full emotional mapping with representation. The emotional behavior of Dante will be detailed and created by a team of psychologists. Emotions will not influence his answers.
  • Animus (alias knowledge base, AI ed inferential engines): KB will comprehend full artist Opus, full biography (approved by experts).