FOREVER and STAR join the International Space Surgery Consortium

Forever Identity with STAR Associates is involved with the ISSC project International Space Surgery Consortium.
Our Strategic Advisor, Mr. Barry Ressler (STAR Associates), is the appointed Chairman of the ISSC .

ISSC Description

The Consortium consists of an international team of space physician-scientists researchers and space professionals in the field of space development, exploration, medicine and pioneering the areas of telesurgery, tele-anesthesia, tele-robotics, operational procedures in medical extra-vehicular activities, MEVA, for deep space missions and colonization of future off-world planets, such as, Moon, Mars and Asteroids.

ISSC Mission

The ISSC mission is to conduct and facilitate research and development of processes, techniques, training, equipment, and simulation to develop medical technologies, expertise, skills and environmental support to sustain human life in space.

STAR/FOREVER Identity Contribution

STAR/Forever Identity will assist ISSC with two different products: Virtual Doctor Assistance (VDA) to support the mission team in diagnosis and guide them during medical operations, in the event of communication blackout with the mission center support on Earth, and Virtual Spiritual Assistance (VSA) able to create immersive environment that meets the psychological needs of a specific crew member through the management of emotional states and the introduction of exercises and relaxing activities customized on subject’s expectations.

More information

Link to ISSC official website

Link to ISSC Youtube Channel

Link to ISSC Facebook page

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