Steve Diamond

Steven Diamond is elected to the Forever Identity Board of Directors.

We are very pleased to announce the nomination and election of Dr. Steven Diamond to Forever Identity Board of Directors. Dr. Diamond’s multifaceted knowledge across multiple fields of medicine including pathology, physiology, pathophysiology, hematopathology, and telemedicine combined with his business development and leadership expertise brings important depth to the Forever…

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Call for Partners for European Funding Call H2020

In collaboration with Finnish-Turkish team is currently preparing a proposal for H2020-SEAC-2015-1-single-stage call. In the framework of H2020 SEAC-1-2015 call, there is a need to attract young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), while at the same time adhering to the values embedded in Responsible…

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ISMC April Press Release

Press Release-April 27, 2015 ISMC, E-P Therapeutics, Forever Identity and ClinImmune/Caricord collaborate on studies and testing of UCB stem cell survivability under microgravity (Micro-G) simulation. In May 2015, International Space Medicine Consortium (ISMC) will commence a study comparing the differentiation of umbilical cord blood (UCB) stem cell survivability under 1G…

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The Dawn of Killer Robots

The robots have always been coming. But this week, as the specter of intelligent machines dominates the Convention on Co​nventional Weapons discussions at the United Nations, and as some of the most powerful tech firms in the world join the military-industrial complex, it seems the evolving relationship between us meat​bagsand robots has…

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Virtual Nose Keeps Gamers From Feeling Sick

Simulator sickness—which often induces vertigo and even nausea—often afflicts players of virtual reality games, but inserting a “virtual nose” into the picture may be a way to lessen the queasiness. Various physiological systems govern the onset of simulator sickness: an overall sense of touch and position, or the somatosensory system; liquid-filled…

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Robot has empathy, learns answers

Japanese mobile carrier Softbank said Tuesday it will incorporate artificial intelligence technology from IBM into its empathetic robot Pepper that goes on sale in Japan this month. The AI engine “Watson” is already used in health care, travel and insurance services in English, but an adaptation was needed to make…

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