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Since cave dwellers, man has gone to great lengths to ensure that his name, deeds, and thoughts be remembered and cherished by future generations.
Until now, this was done exclusively through static representation, which did not allow for interaction with descendants.
This desire for immortality can now be achieved with FOREVER Identity.
FOREVER Identity mission is to provide a proprietary digital platform capable of preserving one’s identity, biography, memory, personality, and physical aspects; and then, allowing one’s digital identity to interact with future generations.
Our project goes well beyond the technical representation of one’s appearance, voice and behavior. We leverage state-of-the-art technology and leading edge research to preserve the very essence of one’s being and unique character: the way one perceives context, expresses emotions, values and the aspirations that drive actions.

Our team of experts, composed by artificial intelligence, decision, ethic and moral engines, semantic and ontology experts, brings one’s digital identity to life providing cutting-edge solutions.