Forever and ISMC for Space Medicine applications

The External link to International Medicine Consortium, Inc. ( ISMC) and Forever Identity, Inc. (FI) have entered into an exclusive agreement to further develop applications specific for space medicine. These include medical diagnostics, psychological evaluation and therapeutic protocols using a 3-D Holographic Human Persona acting as a physician and medical assistant.

The artificial intelligent platform can also create interactive companions and instructors that can assist in the psychological support of near and distant space travel. The development team is led by Dr. Steven Diamond, President and COO of ISMC, and Fabrizio Gramuglio for Forever Identity. This collaboration will also invite and utilize other cognitive robotic technologies; new contributing members are welcome to be part of the development team.

ISMC has provided business development advisory services and equity loan financing for Forever Identity’s project development. An agreement between the two entities is to create and develop state of the art advances in Persona utilization and AI development of the 3-D Persona.

Any Intellectual property will be shared by the companies.