Fabrizio Gramuglio

Fabrizio is a true visionary pioneering innovative, emerging technologies in the areas of HCI (Human Computer interaction), AI (Artificial intelligence) and AE (Artificial Empathy). Over the years, he has earned the respect and admiration of his peers and colleagues as a pioneer in voice interaction between man and machine.

As a successful entrepreneur, Fabrizio has founded several start-ups. He is the CEO of Forever Identity, an established Italian based company, working on leveraging state-of-the-art technology and leading edge research focusing on developing the preservation of One’s being and unique character: how a person perceives context, expresses emotions, values and aspirations that drive behaviors and actions.

“Fabrizio is a visionary of new technologies, a pioneer in voice interaction between man and machine, and an expert in related application development. A successful entrepreneur who turned his passion and skills into a work”

Fabrizio’s company has focused on integrating disruptive innovations in the areas of conceptual design, research and development, and has demonstrated the concept of a “3D Holographic Persona” by incorporating AI and AE to recreate an intelligent digital “Identity Persona” capable to communicate and interact directly with a human being based on detected feedback from a person’s facial gestures, emotional stance, physical postures and situational tasks. In short, Forever’s unique platform allows a person’s digital “Identity” to “come to life”.

Fabrizio is serving as Advisor for ISMC (International Space Medicine Consortium) in HCI, AI and AE.

Forever’s proprietary platform together with their cutting-edge technology will be used to support the development of the virtual “3D Physician Persona” and various “3D Assistant Persona” protocols that ISMC (International Space Medicine Consortium) has established to-date .

Fabrizio has amassed solid experience in senior executive management level serving for many years as Senior IT Manager overseeing various Human-Machine interaction, Human -like interactions and dialogue systems projects for international private and public corporations including partnerships and collaborations with scientific, academic and government organizations.

Fabrizio is an excellent communicator and speaker with many years of experience an a recognized leader in international forums, scientific and corporate seminars, national and international congresses. Fabrizio is a prolific writer with multiple publications and articles published online, in social media platforms and in traditional newspapers.

When he isn’t glued to a computer screen he spend his free time at cinema, art exposition and in pretty insane hobbies as medieval fencing and medieval battle reenactment.

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