Current Status of Forever Project

As of today, FOREVER Identity can operate in the market with a solution for historical figures (Foundation Identity), a beta version of the digital identity for living individuals (Digital Eternity Lite) and a beta version of the web-based product (Advanced Digital Identity Lite).

2012 Incubation Phase and prototyping

Innovation Factory joined FOREVER Identity as incubator in early 2012. Innovation has allowed us to develop the Digital Identity demo that we presented in April 2013, this demo wanted to set the framework for the further developments of the FOREVER Identity project. It has been developed with minimal budget and has allowed us to experiment and test the feasibility of the project.
Its secondary objective was to showcase the idea to investors who could potentially allow us to develop a real prototype.

The seed funding secured has also allowed us to map out state of the art technologies available for human representation and its conservation in time. We have identified a number of areas of improvement and have begun to lay out a patent strategy to protect our vision.

We have furthermore fine tuned our business plan and quantified funding requirements for the next development stage.

In February 2014 we strenghten our corporate identity registering our first trademark and signing an agreement for a TV series about Foundation Identity products

In May 2014 we entered in International Space Surgery Consortium and start filming the pilot episodes of Genius Rebirth.

We are advancing our projects and products day by day, please take a look at the news archive or subscribe to our newsletter.