There are two main classes of news:

1) News related to Forever Identity work:

  • Our Progresses: FOREVER Identity progress
  • Events: events, speech and congresses where you could meet us
  • Press: what press says about our company
  • Inspiration: ideas that inspired FOREVER Identity work

2) News about technologies and researches that could impact on FOREVER Identity technologies, we decide to organize these news in six main categories (the same ones we used for our products):

  • Animus: represents the Virtual Subject relevant memories organized in a multimedia ordered collection and his/her biography, morale and religion, problem solving, and intuition.
  • Circum: represents the Virtual Subject ability to interact and perceive its external environment through different senses (i.e., starting with sight and hearing, and moving to smell, taste and touch).
  • Corpus: represents the Virtual Subject physical characteristics (e.g., body, outfit, face expressions, voice, etc.).
  • Indoles: contains the Virtual Subject emotional map and his/her representation linked with memories and dialog status.
  • Loquor: represents the Virtual Subject verbal and non-verbal expressions. (e.g., idioms, jargon, voice prosody, and gestures).
  • Societas: The Virtual Subject reflects the user’s intimacy level. This allows access to different memories and information based upon the type of relationship the subject had or would have had with different users.