Call for Partners for European Funding Call H2020 ICT 2015

LIFETIME: muLti-proposal Interactive persona For Intelligent Multi-sensorial lEarning

New Year’s eve is really near, but we would like to start the 2015 with a new project: LIFETIME muLti-propose Interactive persona For Intelligent Multi-sensorial lEarning for H2020 ICT-20-2015 Technologies for better human learning and teaching.

LIFETIME platform we is an Open Collaborative platform able to distinguish between “knowledge base” and “presentation layer”. Knowledge base is the lesson content, the way we present them has to change in real-time based on user limitation (bandwidth, device, disability, lack of light, noisy environment, etc.) and needs. Presentation layer is represented by a 3D interactive tutor available in an adaptive way on different media and for different environments. 3D tutors are able to measure automatically human-machine interaction and reactions, a Tutor who is able to communicate through main senses, to dialog with audience, convey contents and emotions (text, audio, video, and other multimodal and multi-sensorial content)

3D tutors are available for every device: from PC to Console, mobile devices and holographic projectors, virtual environments/virtual worlds to real-life learning situations (in-house installation with sensors).

Partners we are looking for:

We are looking for company/experts in the following fields/institutions

Companies with high expertise in: AI, UX Interface, Web App & Mobile development

Academic experts in: Linguistic, Ontologies, Computer Vision, teaching methodologies for impair students (Speech & Language, Cognitive, Mobility, Dexterity, Hearing, Visual)

Infrastructures: Cloud Base Industry (re-development analysis, development, & tests), E-learning content creation: pre-development analysis, development, & tests

Early Adopter Educational Institution: as for example: Business School: (pre-development analysis & tests), School (medium, height), Universities & Colleges.

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