Fabrizio Gramuglio picture for Team page

Fabrizio Gramuglio


Fabrizio is a true visionary in innovative, leading edge technologies and has earned the respect and admiration of colleagues as a pioneer in voice interaction between man and machines..

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Giorgio Manfredi

R&D Manager

Giorgio worked for several years as associated researcher at National Institute of Nuclear Physics. During the years spent in the academic research he started to develop Artificial Intelligence system.

Barry Ressler picture

Barry Ressler

Advisor | Board of Directors

Mr. Ressler is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the International Space Medicine Consortium (ISMC), www.ISMCinc.com to enhance the knowledge of Space Medicine.

Steve Diamond

Board of Directors

Dr. Steve Diamond serves as the President and Chief Operating Officer of the International Space Medicine Corporation, coordinating operational activities in accordance with corporate aims.