Ancient Forever Identity History: Where We Conceived the Idea

The Idea behind FOREVER Identity has been developing independently in Giorgio’s and Fabrizio’s minds for over 10 years.
Fabrizio began developing the concept in 2000 as he explored steampunk and the transhumanism movement that was just forming.
While reading Aleksandr Zinon’ev’s “The Global Humant Hill” where where the characters preserve their memories digitally on blogs called “Animus”, Fabrizio begins to think about the structure that such a platform would require. In the meantime, in his day to day professional life, he was working on the voice aspects of human-machine interaction, exploring the structures and semantics of language.

In the meantime, Giorgio, an A.I. and voice recognition expert, begins developing the idea of integrating art, history and science to create representations of historical figures, which could dialogue and interact with the public on the subjects of their opus and biography.
Ten years ago technology was not sufficiently mature to allow the development of Fabrizio’s and Giorgio’s idea especially in what would become the “Ratio” and “Loquor” layers of the current project.

Today, the scenario is very different: thanks to the development of virtual assistant technologies the technology has matured significantly. At the same time, it has become clear that “Loquor” and “Ratio” are insufficient to enable engaging human-machine interaction.
Adding the physical representation (“Corpus”) allows for empathy and identification but it is emerging that it is also necessary to enable the interaction to occur at an emotional level and to do so the machine needs to be provided with an “Indoles”.
Finally, the challenge has been mapped out, the time is mature for the project to be fully developed.